Celebrating the Modern Martha's + Boho Babes

Happy New Year!  I hope 2018 was filled with many memorable experiences, and a fresh new perspective to bring with you onto 2019. 

Launching our website, connecting with new customers at our pop-ups, and collaborating with other small business owners were some of my favorite moments of the last year with Jane & Rosemary.  And, I am thrilled to serve and celebrate all the Modern Martha’s and Boho Babes in exciting new ways this 2019! 

This 2019 you will be able to join the adventure of the Jane & Rosemary lifestyle through our blog.  Fashion tips, recipes, entertaining, faith, and gardening are a few of the fun topics we will discuss and be able to connect over as a community.  And, as always, you can find us and our products over at our online shop, pop-ups, and all social media platforms! The outcome is a space that provides insight and tangible resources to practically style our lives from the inside out, live with intention and have a whole lotta' fun!

May this new year bring you much joy, health, love, and happiness.



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  • Ummm… you rock, momma! Keep grindin! Love you

    Jessica clark

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